Tournament information


Sanctioned tournament by Hockey Quebec

Registration and rules are sanctioned by Hockey Quebec, further information can be found on the Dynamiques Web site.

Each team must provide a binder to the organizing committee with the following information :

  • Your travel permit;
  • Your federation registration T-112;
  • Your last 5 games sheet prior to the event and a copy of your team schedule.
  • Tournament permit.

Team arrivals

  • January 9 - PEPS de l’Université Laval
  • Distribution of Information kits to coaches

Opening game : January 9 - PEPS de l’Université Laval



  • Sunday, January 12 - PEPS de l’Université Laval.
  • Ceremony and banner presentation after each final.


Locker rooms

  • A schedule detailing the use of locker rooms by the teams will be handed out upon your arrival.
  • The players will have access to their respective locker rooms 60 minutes prior to the game and will be required to vacate the premises within 25 minutes after the game.
  • Locker rooms are not assigned for the complete duration of the tournament, but for each game, separately.


Physiotherapist services

A physiotherapist will be on site for each game. However, the Cégep de Sainte-Foy will not provide material. Each team must bring and use their first aid supplies.



For all results, news, line-ups and other information, visit the Publicationsport website.


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